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Why using Captive Insurance can make you a five tool insurance broker.

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You probably already know just how hard it is to find a team with all the right players to accomplish your goals.

Traditional insurance brokers tend to focus on surrounding you with all their tools. Unfortunately, going back as far as I can remember which is over 25 years, insurance companies want us insurance brokers who sell what they are selling, rather than what the client is or should be buying.

Specialty Insurance brokers like myself tend to surround ourselves with the other players who have the right tools to service all your needs both as they currently exist and what will ultimately come to be needed by some clients in the future. By most standards it is rare to have such a well built team to cover all someone's needs. In fact, it's so rare that you can liken a specialty insurance broker adding a Captive insurance solution into the mix, just as you would to Baseball and the term a Five tool player.

In baseball, a five tool player is one that scouts look for when making decisions on whether or not they make the team, and if so, how they will be used. They are very rare. So rare in fact, that currently there are a little more than a handful of players who have all 5 skills to make them a five tool player who are currently playing in the major league. 

The bottom line for us is that the right broker working with specific clients and adding the right Captive insurance solution creates the five tool effect for that client.

The right Five tool insurance broker will help lead you and your team to greater protection, profit and prosperity as it relates to your risk management needs and control.

Our team takes great pride in the fact that through relationships and collaboration we are able to bring all the tools you need to keep you and your family moving forward. Think of your specialty broker or consultant as your manager and make sure they bring all five tools to the game for you.

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