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Featured articles from the last issue:


4 min read

North Carolina – The Captive Domicile of Choice

Determining where to establish a captive insurance company is one of the major decisions a captive owner will make in...

3 min read

Is your insurance plan fitting like an ill-cut suit? Maybe it’s time for bespoke insurance- a captive vehicle.

Your insurance plan just might be fitting like a poorly made outfit- the general idea is met but it just doesn’t hang...

6 min read

Tax benefits are not a crime

A series of high-profile victories in court for the IRS over 831(b) captives has tarnished the reputation of these...

3 min read

Three Key Components to Managing a Successful Captive

There are many different components involved in running a captive insurance company. While completing audits, filing...

1 min read

Why using Captive Insurance can make you a five tool insurance broker.

You probably already know just how hard it is to find a team with all the right players to accomplish your goals.


5 min read

Captive Compliance 101: A Checklist for Maintaining a Healthy Captive

Keeping your captive compliant is key in the event of an audit or Internal Revenue Service (IRS) challenge. Making sure...

4 min read

You Own a Captive Insurance Company – Now What?

Congratulations, you have become a captive owner! Now what? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a “what to expect” manual...

4 min read

How Captive Solutions Benefit Commercial Property and Casualty (P&C) Agents

Too many insurance agencies ignore captives. This is an increasingly risky strategy, as their clients may be looking to...

4 min read

How to look not like an insurance company

Rob Caylor ran a successful construction company, Caylor Land & Development, which also had many related subsidiaries....

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